• 2017 ACLS Renew Training Course. / Registration Period: now~Oct. 16th Course Date: Oct. 21st
  • 2017 ETTC Training Course. / Registration Period: now~Oct. 9nd Course Date: Oct. 14th~15th
  • 2017 ACLS Training Course. / Registration Period: now~Sept. 15th Course Date: Sept.16th ~17th


  • 賀本部李忠勳醫師榮升醫學院臨床助理教授
  • 本部謝至嘉醫師及口碑圈榮獲醫策會第18屆醫療品質獎主題類潛力獎
  • 本部徐祥清醫師榮獲2017第9屆亞洲醫學教育學會(AMEA)年會最佳海報獎
  • 本部榮獲本院106年度教學創新與教學成果發表競賽--教學成果組佳作
  • 急診學科莊佳璋主任榮獲105學年度成功大學教學特優教師


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  • Chia-Lung Kao, Predictors of functional outcome in hanging injury. Chinese Journal of Traumatology;2018; 21:84-87. Index Medicus

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